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I have been a WIND Mobile customer for about a year now and ever since I started with them its bin a royal pain in my butt. I started by buying a Google nexus phone and my plan consist of unlimited phone, data and texts for $34.00 a month with WIND Mobile. When I first brought home my new phone it worked great for the first 2 days. Then all of a sudden my phone had no network coverage and I could not make any calls or texts plus I could not receive any call or texts.so I decided to call WIND Mobile customer service and was greeted by a person that could barely speak English. I told them all about my problem so they had me pull out the sim card and the battery and told me that that should reset my phone and everything should work fine. Well it did not. So I phoned them back and told them it did not work so they told me it must be a problem with my sim card and that I needed to get my sim card replaced .So I went and got my sim card replaced and that did not fix my problem. Needless to say I was getting very upset with WIND Mobile at this time. I phoned WIND Mobile back and told them what I had done and that I am still having the same problem. Then they proceeded to tell me that they were having network problems and that it should be fixed in a couple of hours. Well that never happened. So I had to phone them back again and tell me that my phone still is not working. By this time I have been without a phone for over 5 days. Then they decided that they would send out an engineer to check their tower that’s in my neighborhood and that would take 5 to 8 business days before they would have any answer for me. They also stated that they would call me back and let me know what the problem is. Well that never happened. Anyways after approx. 2 weeks my phone started working and continued to work for about 6 weeks. Since then I have had the same problem 3 times now. Every time I phone them I get the run around. They talk rude and hang up on you. All I want is to be a satisfied customer and get the proper service that I pay for.

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  • Poor Service
  • Unethical Behaviour

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  • Apology
  • Improvement
  • Replacement
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