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Corus Entertainment My wife can't hear. Corus won't listen!
My wife is profoundly hearing-impaired, and handicapped. For a long time, I have been asking Corus to ensure that closed captioning is synced with the video signal. They have assured me several times that they are doing everything they can. But my enquiries with the people who actually do the closed captioning have lead me to believe that Corus, and it's broadcast arms, are cutting the feed to insert commercials, which screws up the time code, which screws up the captions. Corus hides behind the 'other guy' excuse. But it's Corus' name on the shows, it's Corus that makes the money. And it should be Corus that ensures that every minute of TV time that airs is appropriate for the hearing impaired. Almost ten percent of Canadians are hard of hearing. Imagine if Corus discriminated against any other minority! I want Corus to take steps to avoid further marginalizing a distinct group of Canadians.

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