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Walmart (Headquarters) Where's WalMart Customer "Service"?
I am 76 years old. I live in a remote area and I do not have a car. The closest WalMart is a 100 mile round trip. I purchased Christmas gifts from WalMart for my two grandsons. I made the purchases on-line because I had no way to get to Walmart. I purchased two MP-3 players at the cost of $50.00 each plus tax. Within less than two weeks after Christmas both players ceased to function and were irreparable. I contacted WalMart via email with my complaint. I was repeatedly told that in order to receive a refund, the items had to be returned to a WalMart store within 15 days after purchase. They have flatly refused to refund my money although I have explained to them several times that I have no way to get to one of their stores and absolutely had no way to get there within their 15 day limit.

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  • Poor Service

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