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Cogeco Cable Where is Cogeco Customer Care?
I was to be away in Scotland for two months and had made specific arrangements with Cogeco, my service provider for internet, television and telephone. On October 30th 2011, I spoke with Katie (KEW initials) who obtained authorization from Supervisor Tina (TIW initials). Katie said there was no confirmation number for our agreement, but that the initials would suffice as evidence. There was to be an outside disconnect and reconnect, and I was told to leave everything inside as it was. The cable and internet were to be suspended for about two months. The phone was to be left on basic service because it is connected to my Alarm System. A one-time only, not-to-be repeated seasonal disconnect of approximately 2 rather than the usual 3 months was to be allowed, and the reconnection fee was to be halved. I was to call Cogeco on my return from Scotland to ask for the reconnect. If this agreement was lived up to, I would continue to use Cogeco as my service provider. There were immediate problems as friends who went in regularly to check my house told me that there was no dial tone. I called at my own expense from Scotland only to be told to check that my modem was on (which it was). Then I emailed December 3rd 2011, which finally resulted in an admission that the problem was external, and it was fixed. This would not have been solved if I had not taken the initiative. Since then, things have got worse. Cable and internet were apparently restored without my permission before I returned from Scotland -- but not full phone service. This resulted in charges to me that should not have happened, and I can get no response to my queries about lack of service and unclear billing. I have only ever had one email from a nameless cogeco customer care person sent January 25 2012, asking me to telephone, and saying it was illegal to discuss a bill online. I have been ill with strep throat since return and unable to speak without pain -- they know this. I have repeatedly asked them to do me the courtesy of merely confirming receipt of the other detailed emails I sent on January 20, January 30, February 2 and February 6 2012, but I have had no further response. All I need is to know that someone has read what I have written, and that my concerns have been received. The worst part is not having a person to deal with at Cogeco who is familiar with my case. I requested but was refused names of any customer care managers. I can only hope that Gripevine lives up to its promise to send complaints such as mine to managers or supervisors at Cogeco. When I am well again, I will obviously take up my case by phone; but I had hoped to get some resolution before this.

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