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Western Union's fees increase as the amount sent increases, but it doesn't cost the company any more to complete the transaction. They also charge more to send money by internet from home, than if I send from an agent location. This makes no sense as, if I send from an agent location, Western Union(WE) has to share a portion of its fee with the agent, whereas if I send money via the internet, WE gets to keep the total fee for themselves, so the fee should be less. And lastly, the fee to send money to a city in Ontario one hour away is higher than to send the same amount to a friend in Africa. Last week I sent money by courier to a city one hour away, at one-third the cost that WE charges, and it got there the following day delivered to the door. WE's fees are outrageous. LOCATION: 969 2nd Avenue New York, NY , United States

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