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Wendy's International Inc Wendy's - ever thought of changing your grease??
I visited the local Wendy's in Dickinson, North Dakota and decided to order their Homestyle Chicken sandwich. Years ago this used to be the BEST chicken sandwich you could buy, but over the years you could tell the food chain was cutting corners and not changing their grease in the deep friers often enough. What used to be a hot moist and totally awesome meal was reduced to an over cooked deep brown hard chunk. Well, they still don't change their grease often enough. My fries (usually totally awesome since they changed them a year or so ago) and "chicken" were both OBVIOUSLY over cooked and dark brown. Can't the employees even LOOK at what they are putting together and realize it is wrong? Thing is, it's not just this Wendy's, it's all of them!! Please Wendy's - change your grease more often. Everything else you do is so awesome.

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  • Poor Service

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