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AT & T (Headquarters) Watch Out; AT & T putting you under contract!!
It begins in October 2011 when I called to pay-out on a bill to restore services for a phone number that accommodated a home-based business, fax and home phone services that was started in 2004. I assumed that restoring services meant I would be fully restored to the same exact services I had. Instead; after 3 days, I realized I wasn't receiving any calls. After having to call a friend to find out what the caller id said my number was; I called AT & T to ask why wasn't I restored to the exact items I've had for years. I was told by a supervisor that I could have my old numbers but it would cost me. I took the new number and asked why did this happened. After further investigation...I was given the highest package available!! I was floored that the salesperson just assured me that the basic service that I had was restored, when she lied an sold me to get a commission. I was tossed around with customer service, DSL and others for 2 days until a rep assisted me in making the changes in late December. Then I started to get mail from AT & T saying they need to deduct money for my account to pay my bill. I called to ask and was told I was under contract and I agreed to pay my inflated bill directly from my account. I was upset because I do not allow bank deductions. I was told that when I made the payment in October, the only way I could have phone services was if went under a new contract that requires automatic draft. I explained that this is ridiculous; I had now income going to that account, I would never agree to this new contract and if I knew this would be required, I would've sought another phone service company. I struggled with the phone calls and customer services and decided to make a payment with cash at a payment center to prove that I was in no way allowing the automatic deduction from an inactive account to avoid disconnection!! Finally, I was able to get clarity and realized from my December bill, I was paying for DSL when I had no internet service at all in the home. I made them aware and was told it could be taken off. I was told "there's no reason to pay for internet if you aren't getting it." Receiving my January bill was extremely high. I called and asked why and was told that the contract that I was under have an early termination fee. I was angry and asked when was suppose to know the rules on all of this and I was told it was e-mailed to the DSL account that I had no access to because I didn't order DSL because I couldn't afford it and now I find out that I have to read it online??? It never makes sense that #1- I have no choice in what I want to order or can afford 2#-I keep getting the run around meanwhile, I have to write to an address on my bill to dispute charges for early termination of DSL from an account I wasn't able to access or pay for. 3#- No one thinks its dirty business to allow reps to boost their commission for selling the most expensive packages without disclosing to victims they have been given & locked into a contract that was never signed or agreed to. I have started the process to move my business to a local company where I can actually choose what I need & afford with local customer service help in perfect English. I'm truly fed-up with how AT & T jerk customers around and I refuse to deal with forging reps who don't let you know you are under contract!!

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  • Billing
  • Contract
  • Disruption
  • Poor Service
  • Unethical Behaviour

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  • Apology
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  • Policy Change
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