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Vtech Kids Vtech Innotab "Hot" gift for kids
I ran out and was lucky enough I was told, to even get one of these beauties for my daughter in the nick of time for Christmas. I sold her Vtech "VSmile" assuming I wouldn't be needing this cool, yet outdated system for pennies on the dollar to help pay for my new purchase. I get this thing, and yeah it is cool for a bit... But the included software is about as good as it gets. There are about from what I can tell about 6-8 games available for the thing, same ones that were around months ago. They are all categorized by age appropriateness. So for my daughter, there are two, maybe three. Imagine if you bought a nintendo, and found out there are a total of three games for it. On top of that, imagine that these games are HORRIBLE do nothing games that even a toddler can't be convinced to play. You can download "hundreds" supposedly more games, but again, this number comes down dramatically when you factor the age they are meant for. On top of that, these games are about as sophisticated as literally touching the screen where the game tells you to, in real time. The dog wants 2 bones, tap the screen twice. WOW!!! How Enthralling! The cartridge based games @ about $30 CDN are a worse value than the downloaded games, which are horrible at best. The only thing this system is good for is the art studio, and playing videos. I have a cheap tablet I let her play with that does that and a WHOLE lot more for free by getting apps from the android market. I feel bad for her that this was her big Christmas present. I did my research so thoroughly too, chose this over the LeapPad Explorer...BIG MISTAKE. Most of the stores that will sell you an innotab don't even carry games for it, yet they have a good selection for the Explorer. Vtech dropped the ball on this big time. What they created is a really cool product, capable of a lot, that does NOTHING. I am familiar with it now, and if I cared to, I could tell you about a lot of other small but annoying and stupid letdowns about this, but I'll leave it here for now.

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