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Via Rail Canada Inc. VIA RAIL will not quite get you there ...
During the month of January I watched as VIA RAIL ran commercials on TV regarding their passenger service trains. According to the voice over on the commercial " VIA RAIL will take you directly from city core to city core." along with other features that they offer such as no sealtbelts or using your cell phone whenever you want to. If you live in Ottawa you surely know that his statement is simply not true at all. The train station was moved outside of the city core many years ago. It is about 5 kilometers from the downtown core and is in the middle of nowhere. It is not even possible to walk there as the place is in the middle of freeways. When you add that to the fact that a late night arrival might drop off 200 passengers and there are only 3 cabs to serve you, it means few Ottawa passengers opt for the train coming or going. Therefore the statement that VIA RAIL will take you directly from city core to another city core is simply false advertising. This does not exist in Ottawa at the present time. I sent VIA RAIL an email explaining the situation and asked them to correct their advertising. I received a form letter thank me for writting but so far they have not changed a thing. I sent an email to the adstandards of Canada explaining the situation and asking for a correction as well. They too acknowledged my email but so far, have done nothing. So if you are coming to Ottawa by train know that you will arrive far from the downtown core and you will need a cab to get downtown. By the way Ottawa has some of the most expensive cab fares in Canada, Therefore so far VIA RAIL is on my DO NOT USE LIST. Somehow I have a feeling that nothing will change and their advertising will still " FUDGE " the truth! Flyboyac.

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  • Misrepresentation
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