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I was travelling on "The Canadian" last year from the Manitoba to Ontario. I was super excited about all the advertising on the trains and online that wifi would be available on board. I was really disappointed once I was on board the train to find out that not only was wifi not available but that my cellular service did not work for 90% of the trip (especially when crossing the boarder into Ontario). When I asked via rail about this, the simply apologized and said wifi was only available on the Windsor corridor route. I did not pursue the matter further but I see a lot of commercials and receive their advertisements often....one thing I notice is that they say wifi is available on all their trains. In the on board magazine, they also say in at least 5 places that wifi is available (with no indication that I saw that it was only on a certain train). I do recognize now that there is some up to date information on the website but this is not reflective of what is on tv. How is that right? To me that is false advertising. If it is not available on all but one route VIA Rail needs to come clean and stop trying to hook people into travelling when the service is not actually available. I'm not looking for any kind of compensation, I just wish that Via Rail would be a little more clear and ethical about what they offer. The service otherwise on the trip was great.

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  • Misrepresentation

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