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It might seem weird that I'm directing this to Amazon rather than UPS (which I've had problems with in the past) but at this point UPS has pretty much demonstrated that they don't care about customer service and there really isn't much they can do at this point anyway. A few weeks ago, I ordered something from Amazon Canada. It was a few things for myself and my partner. My partner was going out of town and the books were for his trip. We ordered them on Wednesday and they shipped out Thursday. In the past, I've always been immensely impressed with Amazon's shipping. It helps that their distribution centre is in Mississauga, so most shipments were next-day regardless of the shipping I chose. Whenever I ordered from them they shipped with Canada Post which usually dropped the package off at the door with no issues. However, this time they chose UPS. The issues began on the Friday. I worked from home that day so I could be there to receive the package, since I wasn't sure if UPS would require a signature. After waiting all day with no tracking update, I called UPS about 9PM. They told me it was still out for delivery and to hang tight. After another hour, I finally the tracking details again to find that apparently there was an issue with my address. I immediately called UPS and asked what was up, at which point they confirmed my address and that it was correct. The only issue we could have encountered was the apartment was set to 582A, and the door outside says 582. (One would think the logical conclusion when the address is "582A" is "582, Unit A." Apparently not.) I was then told that the shipment would go out on Monday. As I had stayed home that day, I was obviously a little miffed, so I asked if the shipment could be sent out the next day. I was then lied to and told that UPS doesn't offer Saturday delivery (they do) and that there was no way for me to get my package before Monday. A further e-mail to support and I was then told that my package was actually en-route still (as in, not in Toronto,) and there was nothing they could do to expedite the shipment--lazy, if you ask me, because the shipment was just down the street in Concord. Exasperated, I gave up for the weekend and resigned myself to receiving it Monday. My partner stayed home that day, and made sure to stay close to the front door. About 2PM, he went out for a cigarette when he noticed that just five minutes earlier the UPS driver had "attempted" delivery and left a note, saying to pick it up the next day. Now, I know people claim this all the time, but there was no way he could have missed an actual delivery attempt--he was in the living room at the time it was stamped, about ten feet from the door. Infuriated, I called the support line again which offered to contact the driver for me directly to re-attempt delivery. At that point, they said the earliest the driver would come back is 6PM and that I was SOL for getting it earlier. My partner was due to leave at 5, so obviously this didn't work, but there was nothing I could say that would get them to deliver it before then (even though, at this point, it had only been about 20 minutes since the delivery attempt--the driver was more than likely still in the neighbourhood.) Obviously UPS has shown me that they're a terrible company to have things shipped with--I've had other nightmares (including when they decided to leave a piece of computer equipment in the rain--funny they required a signature for some books, but not for an expensive piece of equipment I had to have replaced) but this just frustrated me to no bounds. I also know there's really not a lot UPS can do aside from acknowledge there was an issue. I'm really not interested in ever dealing with them again. My issue is this sucks because this also means I can't deal with Amazon ever again for fear of them choosing UPS again. An e-mail to support basically told me that it was more or less random what things ship with, so there's a 50/50 chance I could end up with UPS rather than Canada post. At this point, even if I have to pay money to guarantee that Amazon uses Canada post, I will. But until then I don't think I feel comfortable ever ordering from Amazon (or anyone who uses UPS) again. __ Location Griped About: Amazon.ca Toronto, ON , Canada Website: www.amazon.ca

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