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Our vacation to Hawaii had a poor start when United called the night before our flight and canceled it due to the weather forecast for Chicago. They could "only schedule" us on a new flight a day later. They did refund our ticket price and agreed not to charge us a cancellation fee after I hit the ceiling ! Other than that, tough nuts !! It cost us another $200 plus a $14 re-booking fee to Expedia to get a flight with US Airways to Phillly ,then Phoenix to Honolulu. Not to mention the hours I spent that night trying to find another flight. The flight to Philly went smoothly. But, the crew for the flight to Phoenix was held in a 45 minute holding pattern upon arrival. Then the plane was late taking off because of extra de-icing due to being left out all night. We missed our connecting flight out of Phoenix and were forced to get a hotel room for the night. The next available flight was 2:30 pm the next day. Our luggage was still with the plane. We lost a days vacation, had to pay for a room we didn't want and one in Honolulu we couldn't use and added transportation costs to and from the airport. We also couldn't sit together on our last leg to to Hawaii. Neither Airline reimbursed us for our loss. I flew back in the 60's and 70's. Airlines were a lot more customer oriented then and actually showed some concern about their customers. We are totally disgusted with their "that's just too bad" attitude ! ___________________________________ LOCATION GRIPED ABOUT: US Airways Headquarters 111 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Ste 175 Tempe, AZ us

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