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On Dec. 31, 2011 my family and I board UA flight from Chicago to Los Angeles. We get on an Airbus A319, we are headed to our seats as we con't to walk I realize that we are in the last row of seats on the left side of the plane. Terror strikes my heart for I realize that we are in the AIPLANES TORTURE CHAMBER. For the next 4hrs. and some odd minutes we get to sit in seats that don't recline (in fact there is a slight forward flexion to the seats), have no leg room and barely fit an infants buttocks the seats, I measured the are about 3 inches smaller. Then of course there is absolutely no on board that gives a dam. The isle space between our row and the row opposite us is not big enough to allow people to pass by you to get to the bathroom without hitting you. Speaking of bathrooms you get to smell everything that your fellow passengers leave behind for you. Oh yea you even get to hear some in the bathroom not to mention the flushing of the toilet. Speaking of hearing you get to hear the drone of the engines for the whole flight. Here's another one, the trays do not go all the way and if you have too much around your waist it will not clear you. Now, I paid the same for my tickets as everyone else but the United just doesn't care about its passengers, it's all about the bottom line squeeze every dollar out of the customer. I was appalled that UA would subject passsengers to seats like this. I can only imagine that on a daily bais the person that thought to sell these seats haas a big grin on their wondering what poor bastard got to be tortured today. I hope they get to suffer like their customers do. I will never fly UA again.

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