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United Airlines (Headquarters) United Airlines Almost Killed My Greyhound
United PetSafe almost killed my Greyhound, Sedona, on July 3, 2013. Sedona and my cat, Alika, were never allowed out of their crates and were never given water in 15.5 hours. Left on the tarmac to bake in Houston heat, Sedona suffered heatstroke and nearly died. Even though I paid for a "Safety Stop" for my animals, they were never given water, given the food I had taped on to their crates, or allowed to relieve themselves. United promises "air-conditioned vans" to transport the pets and that they are in "temperature controlled environments"; that did not happen. United refuses to reimburse me for Sedona's life saving vet intervention unless I sign a "Non-Disclosure Agreement" and a "Confidentiality Settlement" which I refuse to sign. I decided to take our story public on a community Facebook Page, United Airlines Almost Killed My Greyhound. We have more than 10,000 Followers and hundreds of similar stories posted daily. NBC News broadcast our story last week. Please visit my FB Page for more information and details. The public needs to be informed. Thank you, Janet Sinclair

Type of Gripe:

  • Loss/Damage
  • Misrepresentation
  • Poor Service
  • Product Safety
  • Shipping
  • Unethical Behaviour

Type of solution Janetsinclair is looking for:

  • Apology
  • Compensation
  • Improvement
  • Policy Change
  • Refund
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