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Ukiah Ford Lincoln Ukiah Ford - A shining example of how to "sell" a used car to an unwitting buyer
I had previously had a Limited Ford Explorer and when the time came to replace my current vehicle, I wanted another one. I had been totally happy with the performance of my previous vehicle (other than gas mileage but I expected it to be somewhat low, it's a pretty big SUV) and loved the combination of nice features that come in the Limited package. I had a specific color combination in mind, I'm a girl after all and searched online listings all over the state looking for the one that I wanted. I finally located one at Ukiah Ford which is about 4 hours from me. I emailed the dealer and also spoke to two different salesman (Skip and Russell) who assured me that the SUV was in good running condition and had all of the advertised options. Since they were an actual Ford dealer, I felt comfortable that they were representing the vehicle honestly...BIG MISTAKE. so I went ahead and purchased the vehicle and made arrangements to have my daughter ride Amtrack up there to pick it up and bring it home. The first thing I notice when I got in the car is that the rear parking sensors were not working. Then I took the vehicle to my regular mechanic for a check up. The brakes were so bad that he would not let me leave his shop until he replaced them completely. He also told me that I would need tires at my next oil change and service. I immediately took it to my local Ford dealer for another opinion and found that it needs a total of $2500 in repairs to be in good driving condition (the brakes I already paid for were $500, the tires will be almost $1000, and the back up sensor is also $1000). The local dealer also found that there was a transmission service recall that Ukiah Ford had not performed (they had the Explorer on their lot for amost exactly a year!). I called Ukiah Ford and asked why a vehicle that I purchased a week ago now needs $2500 worth of repairs to be in "good" driving condition and why was the transmission recall not done. They told me I bought the vehicle as is, that it was FINE when it left Ukiah, blah blah blah. The bottom line is they saw an opportunity to push off a vehicle that they KNEW had issues on a female and have refused to do ANYTHING to make this right. I offered to pay for half of the repairs and they declined that as well. Bottom line, AVOID UKIAH FORD, they are dishonest and do not stand behind their products.

Type of Gripe:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Poor Service
  • Product Safety
  • Unethical Behaviour

Type of solution pmdonna is looking for:

  • Repair
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