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H&R Block (Headquarters) Turned away for speaking English?
I decided to go to H&R Block to do my taxes. NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN. I waited an hour - and I was ok with that - I didn't set an appt. When it was my turn - I go back with this lady & she does my taxes in 45 seconds flat. I told her that I own my own business so I need to file those. She calls over The receptionist & they start speaking in SPANISH! WTH??I told them they need to speak in English since this was about me & my taxes. The receptionist told me she would translate. I DON'T THINK SO. Then she told me that the IRS had taken a deduction out last year. I said that was fine - but I still needed to claim my business - THEN they start speaking spanish AGAIN. I look at them & told them that this needs to be done in English because that is what I speak. And I told them that maybe I didn't need to do my taxes there..(i was calm). They then proceeded to tell me that I could go to another place for English. WTF? They didn't bother getting the ENGLISH speaking woman to help me. They didn't bother asking me to hang out for a few more minutes... I called their corporate headquarters and made a complaint. They have yet to call me back or apologize. ___________________________ LOCATION GRIPED ABOUT: 4019 E BELNAP STE 4019 HALTOM CITY, TX USA

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