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Toys R Us (Headquarters) Toys R Us, definately not Toys R customer service...
Twice in the last month I have called Toys R Us Dartmouth Crossing store to find out if they had an item. The first time I was put on hold twice and the second time lasting almost 16 minutes, when the staff member came on the line and I asked for the product, they laughed and said they just sold the last one to a customer.....the most recent time is right now as I wait on hold for the third time while the third different person goes to check for this item, after the first person to put me on hold was sure they had some in, but just wanted to check. I was put on hold for about seven minutes, then it started to ring again, I would hazard a guess of over 100 rings and then the line went dead. As I now sit on hold for the third time, I thought I would write this note. For a new store they have ALOT to learn about customer service....still waiting 8 min...29 seconds ok, they just told me they don't have any.....but maybe are on the truck....which is what I have been told about 10 times too, not sure how many trucks they get, but none of them ever seem to carry what I am looking for. I said thanks, no thanks.....I am going to Walmart. Anyone want a Toys R US gift card ? its going cheap.

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