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Toyota Canada Inc "All Toyotas Burn Engine Oil!" and "Burning 1 Litre of Engine Oil in 1000 kms is normal!!"
These are the responses I have received from dealing with Toyota Canada Inc. via Pickering Toyota Dealership. So lets start my gripe from the beginning: ----- Having maintained my car regularly at Toyota dealerships, I was surprised to get an “Engine Oil Pressure Light” half way through my maintenance schedule. I brought my car into the Pickering Toyota Dealership, where a consumption test was initiated. Following that, I spoke with Tanya Horne (Service Advisor) who informed me that my engine oil level was down 1.5 L, and asked I be back after another 1000 km for a follow up. After returning in 1000 km, the technician at the dealership verifies that my newly-purchased-off-the-lot 2009 Camry was in fact burning oil, as he had to top it again. Tanya Horne assured me that the car was in fact burning oil, and that she will contact the Toyota Warranty department and the Dealership Manager, to proceed with the next steps in resolving the matter. After a week, Tanya called to say there is nothing she can do about it, as the manager had informed her that ALL TOYOTA CAMRYS BURN OIL, and this car is within the BURNING LIMITS, and that the dealership will not take responsibility for this issue. With this I decide to take my future business with Toyota elsewhere, as I was shocked at the response I received for a car that was well within its warranty, where the issue could have been resolved easily; and reached out to an independent garage for a second opinion regarding the matter. I received a complete new oil change from an independent garage, and noted the oil levels had been topped up. Following up, I was UTTERLY SHOCKED when the mechanic had informed me that my new Camry had taken only 4017 km to burn the ENTIRE oil in the reservoir, leaving the dipstick completely dry. Toyota recommends an oil change every 8000 kilometers, so I fail to understand how this issue is still within the “BURNING OIL LIMITS” of Toyota. ----- TOYOTA if you are going to provide a warranty, at least live up to it when problems arise, instead of giving us the run around until the warranty expires and then providing costly solutions to the customer. Toyota Engine Problems - http://www.consumeraffairs.com/automotive/toyota_engine.html Toyota Camry (2007-2012) - Excessive Engine Oil Consumption Complaints - http://www.carcomplaints.com/Toyota/Camry/2007/ LOCATION: Pickering Toyota 557 Kingston Road Pickering, ON CA

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