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Parliament Hill Too little $ coming in too much $ going out
All we hear about are the rising cost to produce different products for the consumer, and at the same time, wages are getting lower and lower, mean while all those "PEOPLE" who we voted in, sitting in Ottawa collecting huge wages and then HUGE pensions, do nothing to help create very much needed jobs. They are the ones who should be taking a wage cut, and only getting paid when they are on the job, for a whole 2 or at most 3 months of the year. If you or I pulled something like that,we would be out on our a**es in the cold. So come on Ottawa, do something to help the population of this great country, or continue to do nothing and have a failing and poor country. This is still CANADA, isn't it, where the young people can never own a home, because of lower wages and higher wages................

Type of Gripe:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Poor Service
  • Product Safety

Type of solution mmadd6 is looking for:

  • Improvement
  • Policy Change
  • Replacement
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