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Telus Corp Telus Contract SCAM
Hi there, I am writing this letter out of frustration and helplessness brought on by my recent experience with Telus. Last year, a Telus sales representative came to my front door, and enticed me to sign up to a three-year contract for Optik TV and Internet with nice incentives like PVRs and a “free” laptop. When my wife and I sat down with the representative, we clearly explained that in order for us to accept the contract, the financial costs for our services were to never exceed $100, because this was our total budget for these services. Starting out a young family I was very thorough in my financial planning and budget allocations. (We were paying Shaw $100 at the time for similar services.) The $100 limit--tax included--was a clear sticking point to my agreement to the offer for the entire term. I was clearly assured by the representative, and a subsequent phone salesperson that the costs would never change for the duration of the contract. Fast forward one year later--January--and the first bill of this year arrived from Telus. While my average monthly bill was 95$ for the previous year the new the bill shot up to a total of $172 - for all the same services! Let it be known I just get basic TV with a couple packages, and regular internet. 172$ for non-premium services! I phoned Telus immediately to protest and they had informed me that it was simply a one-year promotion that I had received. They argued that because it stated “12 month promotion” on the bill, it was automatically implied the cost will go up. I told them there was a clear mutual understanding and agreement at sign up that the price was never to change. They dismissed my argument and told me it was simply a “verbal” contract and that the bill stated all along it was a limited promotion, therefore whatever terms that were discussed at sign up are invalid. In the end, they blamed this situation on a “miscommunication” and agreed that I had been blameless. However they have only marginally lowered their charges and I am still going to be paying 45$ more each month than was agreed to at contract signing. In the end this will cost me 540$ more than I had budgeted this year, and at least that much more next year until I can finally be rid of this contract. Furthermore, this “break” they are giving me is for only one year, so I will have to endure this frustration all over again next January when my "promotional adjustments" wear off. What recourse do I have? Not pay? Telus would send collectors and trash my credit score. Break the contract? I cant IMAGINE what number they would come up with to buy them off. Obviously they know they can just keep upping the bill for services while I am helpless to do anything about it. I am sick to my stomach at how I have been swindled and treated by this greedy, underhanded company and their representatives. Telus claims the “Future Is Friendly”? What a joke.

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  • Billing
  • Contract
  • Misrepresentation
  • Unethical Behaviour

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  • Policy Change
  • Refund
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