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AT & T (Headquarters) AT&T lacks common senseas well as business sense
AT&T's policy forces you to purchase a data plan based on the equipment you use (e.g. a smart phone) rather than how you actually use your phone. How can you justify a minimal expense of almost $100 per month for data and voice simply for the convenience of being able to make a phone call or receive a text message? Pretty soon the only equipment available will be smart phones which if you choose to use AT&T as your carrier will mean you have no choice but to incur the extra cost for features and services you aren't going to necessarily use. Mind you, this is from 2010 and the fees have only gone up - http://www.billshrink.com/blog/wp-content/themes/shrinkage/images/graphics/cell-phone-plans.png. 84.99 per month? Seriously?? Sorry AT&T but the minute my contract is up I'm switching to a prepaid carrier that isn't looking to penalize me for using one handset over another and will charge me for what I'm actually doing with my phone. http://moconews.net/article/419-sprint-hits-prepaid-market-with-super-low-25-data-and-voice-plan/ quote: "Sprint also rolled out new pricing plans for its Boost prepaid brand. Those phones will get unlimited voice and data, including email, text and Web, and other perks like free access to 411 for $50 a month." Now that's more along the lines of a pricing plan that makes sense to me. Oh, and thanks for rewarding me for my loyalty by threatening me with an early termination fee so you can squeeze a few more months out of me under my existing plan before my contract expires. I can only hope I'm not alone and everyone that reads this expresses their displeasure by choosing NOT to do business with such an illogical, greedy and narrow minded company with no common sense and a complete lack of market understanding or business vision as AT&T and takes their business elsewhere.

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