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AT & T (Headquarters) AT & T fraud in billing department second time all over again
you won't believe what AT & T did to me again second time diiffent state Florida committing fruad in their biling department again. happen in Ohio it's happen here in Florida. I go to Florida for the winter and I been using AT & T for my phone service every year this year in Nov I called to have my phone connected up. The person on the phone from AT & T said John we have a special deal this year we can give internet service for $ 18 as seen on TV add and phone $ 22 service called a bundle deal with that bundle we will not need $ 40 for connection because you are getting two service for total of $ 38 plus 5 tax total $42 a month the internet was so good I thought I give AT & T a second chance. boy was I wrong to sign up with AT & T service started all over again the fraud billing department condition of the bundle deal I would have to connect up the internet cable box I agree. here come the problem first month bill Dec 8 to Jan 8 2012 $ 126 dollare 2 week later $ 168 , 4 week later $ 196 and I already made 2 payment of $ 42 total of $ 280 for two month service. I refuse to paid it and they shut my phone and internet service off in Jan 11 , 2011 see what type of company they I send 4 letter and e-mail refuse to respond file a compliant which i don't know if anything be done . What I need is that problem solver to look at my charges against AT & T and make a decision what is to be done. John

Type of Gripe:

  • Billing
  • Unethical Behaviour

Type of solution John Hall is looking for:

  • Compensation
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