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Air Canada Headquarters Surprised by Air Canada's Baggage Policy
My husband and I just returned from a vacation to Orlando Florida. We flew West Jet there and Air Canada back. On our return trip we arrived at the Air Canada check in counter (at the Orlando Airport) to find that we had to pay $52.50 usd for our luggage. We were not aware that as of Sept 7 2012 Air Canada no longer provides baggage allowance and that each bag is $25 (each way). Luckily I had packed us light and we were sharing 1 small toiletry bag and 1 med sized suitcase, otherwise it could have easily cost us over $100 usd in unexpected charges. To make the situation even worse, they would not accept a Canadian Visa. They would only accept Visa's with a U.S. address which, in my opinion, is completely absurd for a Canadian airline flying international flights! So we had to leave our bags at the counter and run to find an atm. Then when we returned the agent complained because we didn't have exact change! I was also not impressed with the agent who was completely rude to me and unapologetic for the inconvenience. Yes it was apparent that I was both surprised and annoyed by all of this but she was completely unprofessional, giving me nothing but attitude in return which was not helpful at all. Because of this experience we will avoid flying with Air Canada on our future trips. Which is a shame b/c we've had good flights with them in the past. I don't see how they will be able to compete with other airlines who continue to provide a baggage allowance.

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