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In late October 2011, I contacted sunquest in response to their online trip posting to a 5 star resort. I specifically asked how far the airport was from the resort as there were several trips that I was considering. The representative told us that the airport was 35 minutes away. Upon landing, we were wisked into a mini-bus and were told that the trip would take 3.5 hours! I thought it was a joke! Believe me, 3.5 hours in a crowded mini bus after waiting in an airport and after a flight is no joke. The resort was clearly not a 5, and on return, their rating was a generous 4.5. I have tried to contact Sunquest, however, my e-mail to them dated Novemer 30, 2011 remains unanswered.

Type of Gripe:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Poor Service

Type of solution cairntheredhead is looking for:

  • Compensation
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