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Unilever Club Suave keratin infusion smoothing treatment
I used this product on my hair and within minutes my hair was coming off in chuncks. I flew to my hairdresser who had to chop off my hair and she said she had NEVER seen anything do that to hair before. I contacted Suave through there website only to get no response. I went onto Amazon.com to read reviews on this product (there was another horror story about the same product)and that is where Suave left an email address for this lady. I contacted Unilever and someone called me from there consumer service department. I explained to her what had happened. (note: I had highlighted my hair within the last 6 months and she said this is why my hair reacted that way) she offered to refund my money out of "good will" and I told her I didnt think that they should sell this product over the counter.I told her I DID NOT want this to happen to anyone else. She responded with "we meet FDA guidelines".I thought I would feel better after telling Suave what happened to my hair but I do not. I dont think that this product is safe for just anyone to use at home its just to harsh and the outcome could be devastating. I had a good 6 inches cut off of my hair and still have a good 2 to 3 inches that needs to be cut off. I emailed Consumer watchdog and I am still awaiting response from them. I called Clark Howard this morning and spoke with someone in consumer action department and asked what I should do. She told me I was doing the right thing by following through with this. She told me to contact FDA.gov and gripevine.com and CPSC.gov. I am in the process of doing ALL of the above and I will follow through with this.

Type of Gripe:

  • Loss/Damage
  • Product Safety

Type of solution alley0820 is looking for:

  • Apology
  • Compensation
  • Improvement
  • Policy Change
  • Refund
  • Repair
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