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Tracfone Wireless Straight Talk walks a crooked path
I purchased a Samsung cell phone via their website and a $30 per month plan. The phone arrived but I couldn't get it to work correctly to display a keypad for number prompt phone calls. I couldn't even set up a voicemail for the phone. Nobody contacted me when I wrote an email to them, so I persisted in calling customer service. Sometimes their customer service just hangs up on you when they say "call volumes are too high, please call later". This is dismaying when you have a phone that doesn't work and you are relying on others or your work phone to do this. Finally I was able to send the phone back and it was a few days before a new one arrived (same phone). This phone had the same identical problem - I was so distraught that I went to a Walmart to see if anyone there could get it to work but no luck. So I just gave up - purchased a different phone from another company and ported my number to it. Then I went through the customer service gauntlet again to return the second phone and to get a refund. We were told at the time that we would have to mail this second phone to them at our own expense and that they were not obligated to return the $30 for the service that I never got to use. If the phone had worked and customer service had been easier to reach then I might still be a customer, but the combination of their inadequate website, no email response, terrible phone customer service and obstinate approach to my appeal for a refund are making me think this is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. There are too many competitors out there for them to be so dismissive of their customer base.

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  • Refund
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