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I signed up on Sept. 1, 2011 for the top of the line product by Shaw Direct Satellite in Calgary AB, but like the land of Oz, only dealt with web-people and later, Mississauga ON buffer-staff who prevented me from contacting head office in Calgary. I "purchased" a brand new HDPVR (630) that was to record many hours of programs, provide music and a directory for it, and instead of paying the regular $399. plus, was to pay $239.99 "Net price installed" including the elliptical dish. The booking was to occur "within 48 hours". A grand total of $451.98 was wisked off of my Visa immediately. However, there began a long list of horrid experiences that resulted in theft of the total amount 7 weeks later when I begged to have it all removed from my house due to the problems. I will list them briefly: No, they would NOT book me in 48 hours. I had to wait for PUROLATOR to deliver the HDPVR to my (rural) house, keeping me housebound for delivery, and it arrived 7 days later. He banged so hard on the door the house shook. (I wonder then if that is why the machine didn't work properly.) THEN I had to book the appointment, and they wanted to charge me extra MILEAGE because they didn't have an installer in my AREA. I said no, this price was inclusive, so they didn't charge me but weren't happy. Then, I had to wait two more days for an installer. Then, he ended up putting it in a bad place because he DIDN't KNOW WHERE to put it. (I was told this several weeks later when another of their technicians just shook his head at the bad place - facing a metal ROOF and under an OVERHANG that would receive the winter's SNOW off the roof whenever it shed. Then, I couldn't get any music or the directory for it. They told me it could take awhile to "upload". It never happened. I called 10 days later (had to work, no time to sit on the phone with them; you go in a queue and wait 2 hours, OR they call you BACK and you have to be at the HOUSE, so you have to book time off OR spend you WEEKEND on the phone with them for HOURS. Several technicians tried over a few weeks to have ME do the PROGRAMMING as they stepped me through it. Many many hours of time this took, and finally I had music. But then, we had a power outage. The HDPVR never came back on. I tried to get service - no; I would have to wait until Saturday. Then, no I had to wait until MONDAY because I lived so FAR and they didn't want to come up on the WEEKEND. So I waited five days without tv again. I hadn't even had 30 days of a properly working television and the machine quit working. I asked, Why doesn't the repairman bring a new one for me? But NO, they didn't DO it that way. I had to wait for a BOX from them, pack up my HDPVR myself, wait for ANOTHER HDPVR from Shaw, THEN book an appointment... same as in the beginning. You get the picture - I didn't get the picture and wouldn't get the picture. I had enough of this company. When they came on Monday I called Shaw and said I wanted everything out of my house and off of the house and wanted my money back. They said, Yes, they would give me my money back, as soon as they had the equipment. The techician came, shook his head at the improper location of the satellite, removed it and left. But I had to WAIT for a BOX from PUROLATOR to get rid of the HDPVR that cost me $451.98 for 6 weeks of headache. It came a week later, I boxed it up and took it to the Purolator depot. I waited patiently for another month but didn't receive ANY invoice, and NO refund. I called, and was shocked to find that not only were they NOT going to refund the money, but they were going to charge an EXTRA 200 dollars because of NOT having the DISH and equipment. I said I sent it! and the technician took the dish off the day he came. They reversed the last 200 dollar charge but didn't have a refund. I said they told me that I would receive the refund. They said, Who told you? What's his name? What's the confirmation number? We have no record of that. So I was lied to, cheated, and the company was unaccountable. They would not let me talk to ANYONE in Calgary, whom I thought I had already spoken - but it was only the Mississauga people who were lying and pretending they were professionals. Eventually, they said to go online via "Ask Jim" to register my complaint (?!) so I did. That ended up in circular arguments that were ongoing, with them telling me how happy their customers were. I said, I was unhappy and didn't care for their business protocols and misinformation, and asked for my invoices because where did $451.98 evaporate into, when I returned the equipment? Had I purchased the 99 dollar piece of equipment, and done the same precedures, they would have only stolen 99 dollars and not 399 dollars (plus tax). How is this LEGAL in any manner? I have NO equipment of theirs; what they sent me didn't WORK and then was BROKEN. Their argument is that they would have replaced it - but why would I want to deal with a company that inconveniences their customers to such a degree, with such poor customer service, with 2 hour long phone waits, with no service people in my area, with extra charges to get repairs, with not having the HDPVRs available and making me get it through PUROLATOR who probably tossed it around like a football if their banging on my door is any indication of how they treat sensitive electronics). I finally received a statement from my account and cannot figure out their convoluted justifications of taking 451.98 from me for six weeks of horrendous service and all equipment returned to them, faulty though it was, from the beginning. I contacted the legal department in writing, to Calgary AB, and not only did the woman phone me though I requested NO phone calls and wanted their reply in WRITING only, but she called two days before CHRISTMAS, and didn't stop for 12 minutes, when I said I was getting very upset, and she said "No way are you getting a refund". What kind of sanctioned theft is this? CRTC will not even look at this issue. CRTC were the ones that had advertisements ALL SUMMER LONG in 2011 telling us how EASY it is to PURCHASE the equipment to SEE TELEVISION when our aerials no longer work. I used an aerial for 20 years with no problems and no charges. SHAW DIrect stole money from me that was a gift from my aged mother, so I could have television. They have no conscience about the quality of service or lack thereof that they provide. Had the service been good I would have stayed. PS their legal department said, oh yes, by the way, we NOW carry the HDPVRs for our customers. I expect this is because of the ridiculous requirement that the CUSTOMER get them and pack them and deal with Purolator instead of having a professional provide it. I signed up with Bell afterward and would like to say that the technician was a consumate professional, capable and respectful, and installed the dish in the proper place. There were no extra fees, I received everything I signed up for, and THEY brought the equipment. I do not need to be a technician, and when I call, I get through at the LONGEST, in 20 minutes.

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