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Gripevine Side with Big Business
I posted several customer service related issues regarding a North American company and the moderators of Gripevine basically told me to "cool it" and that they couldn't help me. By their responses to me it definitely looks like they are siding with Big Business (in this case Starbucks) and don't want to get involved. What good is the "gripevine" if you cannot openly comment about poor customer service you receive and attempt to help in the resolution of the problem by pointing out some short comings. I'm not a typical customer. I hold a MBA in Business Management and for the past twenty years have worked with companies to improve business processes and make them more efficient. As a customer, I find it very frustrating when I make informal suggestions on how to improve customer service and upper management just ignore it and keep providing the same low quality customer service. And now to find moderators at Gripevine giving me the same attitude and negativity, why even bother with this website.

Type of Gripe:

  • Poor Product
  • Misrepresentation

Type of solution scarb083 is looking for:

  • Apology
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