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Toyota (Headquarters) Shore Toyota crocked my mother and wants more money from her please help her !!!!!!!!!!!!
My mother first bought a 2004 Toyota Ford Runner and she used the truck for a couple years. After having it for those numbers of years Shore Toyota called her and asked her if she wanted to trade the truck in for a newer one. She went in with the intent to buy the newer truck. They took the 2004 truck from her and gave her the newer truck but did not tell her she was leasing the truck. Well, we found out later that the truck was being leased so she went back to tell them that she wanted to buy the truck and not lease it. The dealership told her that there was nothing they could do about it and that she should continue to lease the truck and will have the option to buy it when the lease is over. We have just found out that she has paid more than fifty five thousand between the two trucks and Shore Toyota is still telling us that she has to pay 16 thousand more, to own the truck. My mother is a foreign national and does not understand the English language too well so they took advantage of her. Well, she lost her job and has been back with some of the payments but my father is working and is barely managing the payments. They also pay close to 800 dollars a month for the truck and this has been going on for 5 years now. The lease is about to expire in April and Shore Toyota wants 5000 dollars more as payment because she will need to finance it plus there is a about 16,000 left to pay on the truck. I think they crocked her and they should give her the truck because it has being paid for. She will not have a car when they take the truck in April. _______________________________ LOCATION GRIPED ABOUT: Shore Toyota 4236 Black Horse Pike, NJ

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