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I have shopped at sears fot 30 years and returned items several times with no cost or problem. I recently bought some non custom order furniture from Sears. More than a month before the delivery date I cancelled the purchase. After cancelling Sears called me back and told me they were going to charge me 20% (restocking fee) more than $800.00. When I phoned to complain I explained to customer service that nothing had been discussed with us about any (restocking fee). I then noticed on our bill that there is a section that Sears calls "Product protection, policies and other information", in it there is a box to be checked off to acknowledge that the cancellation policy has been discussed with the customer, the customer is then to accept or delcline, none of the boxes have been checked off as none of this has been discussed with us. We had not accepted their policies. The first customer service agent said they would investigate and if they found what we said was true they would waive the fee. After hearing nothing from Sears for a week I called back to customer service and they said that the store manager where we had purchased the furniture had investigated and that they were going to have to charge us the full $800.00. I then phoned the store manager Chris to inquire as to the reasons for his decision and he informed me he knew nothing about it and hadn't even looked into it. He commented that if they are charging us 20% it must have been a custom order, it was not , even he does not seem to know Sears's inconsistent cancellation charges. In the end Sears could only defend their action by saying that we were responsible to inform ourselves about their inconsistent return policy. Sears is going to rip off a long time customer for a restocking fee on something that was never taken out of stock. I suggest everyone think twice before trusting Sears and their hidden fees. __ Location Griped About: Sears Home Store 1450 Ellice Winnipeg, MB R3G 0G4, Canada Phone: 204 779 1999

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