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Sears World Headquarters Sears Rewards Card Expires After 6 Months....Not Right
I went to use my Sears rewards card (which had a balance of $45.51) on a purchase when I was told my card had expired. Expired? How can these be? I accumulated points over time to be able to obtain a rewards card. It expires after 6 months. Used to be a year....It took longer than 6 months to accumulate those points too. I called Sears Rewards and their reply 'sorry, there's nothing we can do'. I feel robbed. The company stole back MY money that I earned. I use their credit card to make purchases in order to ge those points. The cashier seemed indiferent to my issue. She simply handed the rewards card back and said 'it's expired'. No apology, empathy..nothing. I was told she could have called a Manager to override it. I emailed Sears customer service at head office with whom have been having a battle with. The other day they were going to give me the money back on my card as a 'good will gesture'. Then I receive an email a few minutes later saying it was going for investigation. Investigation for what?? I just simply want my money back. ___ Location Griped About: Sears Canada Inc, Sears Services Available, Sears Travel, Penhorn Mall 535 Portland St Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4B1, ca Phone: (902) 463-1690

Type of Gripe:

  • Poor Service

Type of solution KAMckin is looking for:

  • Compensation
  • Refund
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