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Manulife Global Screwed by Manulife
I booked a flight package from Montreal to Paris return. I had purchased travel insurance that would also cover my ticket should something happen that I could not make it Well I could not make it. I was on contract, it was ended due to weather conditions, my fault? No, I have not been called God in a long while. Manlike said because I was self employed I did not qualify for a refund of my ticket, nor did they want to refund me my insurance premium, they would not help me, so I wanted my refund So, some uncaring staff with attitude thinks that all Canadians should have normal mon to fri jobs. I am pissed and will NEVER buy from manulife Grr Hermel

Type of Gripe:

  • Misrepresentation

Type of solution Hermel is looking for:

  • Refund
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