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I have a blackberry curve. Two months ago, I had to send it in to Rogers to get fixed. In the last few weeks it has been acting up again with a different problem that makes it completely useless to me when it happens. I need a new, different phone. I called Rogers who told me they can offer to fix the phone again. I said I don't want this phone anymore, because in a month I will be dealing with a new issue. They said, they can do a swap for a refurbished phone exactly like the one I am not happy with, which would cost me $35. I said, I am not paying money for a refurbished phone. I don't want to pay money for the same phone. They sent my call to "retentions" and the call was disconnected. I was calling from a Rogers Land Line phone. I called back and had to go through the whole thing again with tech support. The lady from tech support talked to "retentions" who offered me extra minutes. I told her, I don't want extra minutes, I want a new phone. She said she would put me through to customer care. I told her to please call me back if the phone got disconnected again. She said she would and put me through to customer care. This phone call was also disconnected. Nobody called me back. I called Rogers a third time. I pressed 0 to get to an operator. Had to go through security check a third time. Didn't even need to hear the questions by this time. After security check and then explaining my issue, I was told the system was down. Call back in half an hour. My Blackberry is not working at the moment and I have important business messages on it that i can not see. This was 45 minutes of frustration. I am not asking for anything frivolous. I need a new phone and I do not want another Blackberry Curve. It has proven to be completely unreliable and I do not want to waste my time with it anymore. LOCATION: Rogers Wireless 228 Queens Quay W, # 3 Toronto, ON CA

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  • Poor Service

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  • Compensation
  • Replacement
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