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RBC Royal Bank RBC makes own rules
Royal Banks Customer Service seems to make their own rules when it comes to sales calls to their customers I have asked numerous times for over a year now to be removed from their call list unless a problem with my accts or Visa but as you can see they ignore I have asked & been told that there is a note in my file not to call but for whatever reason I keep getting calls My husband has also requested they stop callingI get confirmation numbers & Employee numbers but the calls keep coming Below is an example of a one week harrasement?? from RBC Customer Service 1/17/12 3.37pm, 4.22pm,4.46pm, 5.47pm 6.58pm, 1/18/12 5.29pm 1/19/12 2.49pm 5.38pm 1/20/12 6.37pm 1/27/12 4.03pm This is still happening as I just rec d another call 2/10/12 12.12pm PLEASE help me Make this stop I am also on the National no call list as is my husband but RBC says they can still call me????? Cheryl & Jim Cody Thank you for your time Any help would be appreciated ____ Location Griped About: RBC Royal Bank 1670 Dundas Street London, ON , Canada

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  • Poor Service
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