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Mazda Canada Inc Prima Mazda (Mazda Canada) hidden $400 administration Fee
My lease called 'FULL DISCLOSURE LEASE WITH PURCHASE OPTION' states "lease end purchase option price: $12,964.95 plus taxes, governmental fees and related charges (such as safety certification and related repair costs) required in order to comply with the law upon purchase of Vehicle. You have the option to purchase the Vehicle from Dealer in cash for the Purchase Option Price at the end of this Lease if You are not in default' It's all pretty clear, the lease states very clearly that it includes an option for me to purchase out the car at a specific price plus certain specified fees such as taxes. They told me I had to pay for the safety certification (fine by me) but now have come up with a $400 ADMINISTRATION FEE to process the buyout. This is the same dealership I bought the car through. Mazda Canada Credit and Mazda Canada both told me that while they discourage the practice among their dealers, they are independent businesses and can do as they please.

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