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Popeye's ( Headquarters) Popeyes don't know condiments from utensils
I RARELY eat out because I find restaurant foods to be too salty and I am careful of what I eat because growing up I have been a bit sick. So my mom and dad love Popeyes and always buy for themselves but I do not eat it. I decided this time I will eat a chicken sandwich. My mom went to buy it and told the cashier to " Please put ALL THE CONDIMENTS ON THE SIDE so that my daughter can put what she wants on it." (the sauce adds extra salt to an already salty chicken). The girl gives my mom the order. When she brings it home and I opened it they put one wrinkly lettuce and a soggy tomatoes in a Styrofoam cup and lathered the sandwich in sauce. So my mom called Popeyes (the number on the receipt) and the MANAGER who was there while the cashier took my mom's order answered the phone. My mom told her the situation. SHE WAS SO rude to my mom and said the CONDIMENTS are NAPKINS AND FORKS and she HEARD MY MOM's order and she took it properly. Seriously she said NAPKINS AND FORKS?! Who puts napkins and forks on their bread! She did not apologize so my mom is saying I said no condiments which is the sauce do you not know what condiments are the girl just hung up the phone. My beef with Popeyes is make sure your workers know the difference between 1.Utensils and condiments 2. Have manners 3. DO NOT slam the phone on ANYONE 4. And apologize Truthfully if she had just said sorry it was a mistake I would have let this drop. P.s. I gave the sandwich to my father. _______________________________ LOCATION GRIPED ABOUT: Popeyes 790 Military Trail Scarborough, Ontario Canada

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  • Poor Service

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  • Apology
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