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Over the Stove Microwave:mod #YWMH1162XVQ1 ser#TRY3213362 purchased whirlpool extended warranty service plan... Microwave quit in Oct /11called for service..after weeks they came and replaced some components..put a cup of water in and started the oven...then left... I tried it a week later and nothing... same as when it quit first time.. Called again..Nov 15th/11 ref #22013918..set up appt for Nov 18/11...they called that day said parts are not in,will call when available.. I called again on Dec15/11 to inquire..redirected to whirlpool ref# D575904041. one part of 3 needed still not available. called again feb/12 parts in and will call me to set up time...I asked if they could call before 10AM and was OK with that.. I am here typing this at12:50PM,still no word from repair as to when.. My frustration in this is: I miss a days pay for every time I'm asked to wait.I'm fed up with the poor service from Whirlpool..I want a replacement..I have no more faith in this unit..it is an over the stove microwave/range vent unit..I find it hard to believe that a corporation like WHIRLPOOL doesn't have parts available for to repair their products... Your thoughts on this requested..

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  • Poor Service

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  • Repair
  • Replacement
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