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To whom it may concern , I have been having issues with American Airlines ...they have pulled out of my area and now I feel like I am left holding the bag , my options have become limited and now I am being told that "As we discussed, we are still in the process of trying to work out a protection agreement with Air Canada. This may take several more weeks. If we are unsuccessful, a refund will be the only option I have to offer you. I promise to call you when and if this takes place. We realize your plans were made long before your departure date and regret these changes have impacted you (Option E) and your family. Although American Airlines does not compensate for schedule changes, it is important to know when we have not fulfilled our passenger’s expectations." I made my plans in October...I'm not asking for the moon here I am simply asking for a flight that gets me to and from San Juan on the days planned at approximately the same times so that our holiday plans do not get messed up. Simply looking for a little help , Thank you. Ed L. Mr.Kreeger , I have been trying to call Ms.Howell this morning to no avail...perhaps I am too early. I am trying to find out if American has found flights for folks like us who were kept out of the loop?I am hoping so...it's been a week...now I'm in a deeper situation waiting on American Airlines decision the flight I had been looking at with US Airways went up to $688 per person which will now cost us $166 more per couple than what we had spent with American , may not be much to you...but to us $166 is ALOT...we are still paying off other portions of our vacation...speaking of Vacations this is obviously not how I wanted to go into it...stressing about money and now I have to thanks to American Airlines , what a bang up job on your customer service , not a sole gives a crap. So now not only is the customer service bad but!but you lie too! I was told that the decision to pull out of Halifax was made Sunday,,,apparently it was three weeks ago , THREE WEEKS AGO! that's three weeks I could have been looking for alternative plans and you guys can't even help compensate with other flights!? all I get is a message from Mrs.Howell after her insincere apologies saying in her "Stern" Voice basicly saying either you like what we give you or you take your money and too bad...what a bunch of arseholes...seriously...if the shoe was on the other foot ,I am sure you'd be fuming! Big Corporations like AA get where you are because youve built relationships with customers then you get too big for your britches and forget about the customers , you forget about the little things that matter. "Jerry Staples, vice-president of marketing and business development at Halifax Stanfield International Airport, said the American Airlines move was relayed to the airport a few weeks ago. “They let us know that as a result of their restructuring and Chapter 11 protection in the U.S., of course, that they would be stopping service,” Staples said." Nice to let your customers know you were pulling out , nice to have a plan before doing so! Ed L. Dear Mrs.Howell , I have been looking for other flights...the cheapest I am finding at this moment is $683 us...we paid $600.22 pp with AA... it is not our fault but American Airlines fault we are now in a situation of scrambling to find flights ,I believe AA should atleast help to compensate us fo our troubles by atleast paying the rest of our ticket with another carrier or... by helping us book the flight we choose with another carrier. Thank you Ed L. Dear Gentlemen , I am writing this email to express my extreme displeasure with American Airlines lack of Customer service. My Wife , Brother ,Partner and I are going on a Cruise in April we booked our Cruise and our flights in Oct. , I chose the flight Solely based on the price and most of all the itinerary. I made sure that with the flights we'd be able to get into San Juan early on April 7th so that we can enjoy San Juan before heading out on the cruise the next day , My brother and his partner haven't been. I just finished booking the hotels...I thought everything was ready ...strss of booking , etc was over. Yesterday I decided I'd print off my itinerary , so the first time I tried to log on to the website...I was unable to , so I called and recieved a faint description of how to get into the system , then I logged on only to find part of my itinerary showing The Halifax to JFK and JFK part of the trip was missing...weird , so...I called again...the response I recieved was my itinerary would be emailed to me again and that it should all be there....nope! , ok....so I called again The third time the gentleman dug a little deeper he stated that the Halifax to JFK and the JFK part of my itinerry had been Cancelled! and that he didnt know anymore than that , it just happened yesterday...hmmm why do I not believe that!So here I am three times trying to figure out whats going on...and find out the last time that part of my flights have been cancelled! Nice! not a phone call!?Not even an email...I'm glad I looked! I was so angry I asked to speak to a supervisor...he declined and said that the supervisor would only tell me the same thing , when I want to speak to a supervisor...I wanna speak to a supervisor. So here I am today left wondering...wondering whats going on with my flight...out of curiosity I checked the dates for flights on your website and I hope that is NOT what AA has decided to offer because its a pretty damn poor Option , going from one stop each way and getting into San Juan early to SEVERAL stops getting into San Juan late. The other Option apparently is a refund...hmmm well again I decided to fly with AA based on Good itinerary which seems to be a mess now and the Price...so even if I take the refund...will I be able to find another flight at that price!? I have a budget...we've already gone over and I certainly don't have any extra to spend on another flight...So my question is ...what is going to happen!?I don't need this extra stress. All I can say is...first off...I want some answers...I need this done and don't need it hanging over my head , secondly perhaps this is why AA is bankrupt or part of...perhaps its the POOR customer service? I work for The World Trade Centre and a Major Arena where I live and...we don't leave customers hanging , we dont leave customers questions unanswered , how can you Cancel part of someones trip without having a plan , or without explaining to them disgusted! In complete displeasure Ed L.

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