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Postes Canada Please just deliver our mail as it is addressed as is required of you!
We have had mail misdelivery problems for years and they have led to identity theft as our financial information was delivered to another house, being reported to a collection agency as we did not receive an item a business said we must have received as it was addressed correctly, an Xmas parcel sent from Scotland by our daughter showing up on a neighbours doorstep, an envelope containing sensitive information picked up by our neighbour on their lawn, plenty of mail delivered to us though addressed to other neighbours and other neighbours receiving our mail. We have had mail remailed to us by others who have paid for potage to get to to us, i.e. as addressed. Our neighbours and our family have redilivered mail incorrectly delivered though correctly addressed. Canada Post is amking money and saving money by their mistakes. We have some great carriers who actually look at the address on the mail so it is delivered correctly. Canada Post tells us to report incidents to their customer service line which we do time & again but the misdeliveries continue! And while we wait to report misdeliveries e have to listen to the prerecorded message that tells us Canada Post is required to deliver mail to the address to which it is addressed!!!!! We finally contacted our MP to ask for help and the response from Canada Post was that we were unable to clearly articulate what we wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All we have ever asked for and want is to have our mail delivered to our address/house/domicile/residence....i.e. delivered to the address to which it is addressed.

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