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Phazzer Electronics Phazzer needs to honour their warranty!
I purchased two pair of audio video recording sunglasses, first pair broke after wearing 5 times, second pair broke after 3 times, in the same spot. Putting them on your face should be a task in which they do not fail. For 220 dollars plus tax USD each, you would expect them to work better. I phoned the company explained what happened, explained they both work that the frame was broken, was told to box them well and send in. I did. I was told that they had been having problems and Steve had been to talk with the factory. Some emails had been exchanged, this is when we found out that one pair had been discarded, when it says in their warranty, “it is the policy of Phazzer to arrange return of the defective product and replace upon the receipt of the original product and invoice" We wrote again asking if our shades were coming home, we were told that one pair would be coming home as the others were discarded. We bought these shades in august 2011; they were not even a year old, not even six months when we shipped them back. Phazzer's idea of compensation was that we buy another pair at half retail price, $220 for $115 plus tax and shipping. We bought them on sale @ $179 each USD. We told him that they did not last a month, why would I want to "buy" another pair. they thought this was fair, so if they break on the frame and u tape them up and send them to us, we'll replace that pair because we cannot see that they are broken, but when a pair that is broken in the same spot and is not taped up, but still work, we'll just take pictures of them and discard of them, instead of following their warranty and send them back to the customer who paid 200 bucks for them. ‘Oh they’re Canadian; they won’t put up any fuss!!!’ Wrong! I work hard for my money, I don’t need this company, Phazzer Electronics, just throwing my money away, and think they can get away with it without consequence.

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