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The Source Personal Information not safe!
In June or July of 2011, I purchased an Asus Transformer Tablet w/ Keyboard Dock. For various reasons, the main of which was light bleed issues around the edges of the screen, I return the tablet bundle to the Dartmouth Store. The return went easily as everything was intact, and my reason valid. I had originally intended on keeping the tablet and as such completed the online warranty registration, and for reference completed the warranty card included with the packaging / manual. Fast forward to the January when to my surprise a stranger contacts me by phone asking if I had in fact once been the owner of said tablet. He had recently decided to buy a Transformer bundle from the Source. He had thought he was buying a new product so was understandable upset / puzzled. I too was concerned, more due to the fact that I had most likely conducted online banking, credit card transactions with this tablet. If the company was negligent enough to overlook a filled in form, were they apt to have "wiped" the tablet, reset to factory default? I am also astounded the company would knowingly offer used/ repaired/ refurbished products as new. The customer service through The Source's website was of little help. They contacted the store to ask what went wrong. The manager there was more concerned for having been charged $65 by the tech department for resetting the tablet. A brief apology was all they could offer. The regional manager, Mr. Allan Smith, failed as badly. Dropping the issue after I explained contact by phone was not a viable option with my working schedule. They have lost a longtime customer, and appear not to mind.

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  • Misrepresentation
  • Poor Service

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  • Apology
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