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New York Jets NY Jets unwilling to provide PSL account information
Since it's inception, I have made 3 payments to my Personal Seat License (PSL) account. An initial deposit, the first installment of my 15 year plan in 2010, and the second installment due in 2011. During this time I have repeatedly asked the office handling the account to provide me with the details of the account. I simply want a statement of account indicating how much has been applied to the PSL payment, how much is desiginated towards interest, current balances, how the interest rate is calculated and when, and finally whether making additional payments above the yearly installment plan will reduce the lenght of the "loan plan" and subsequently reduce the overall amount of interest I will pay. First I called the account representative who alledgelly handles the account and I was told he would call me back with the information, no callback was ever recieved. I utlized the "email a ticket represtatative" button on the website explaining my plight, no one responded to my inquiry. A second call around the time the first PSL installment was due resulted in an account representative telling me the Jets were recieving several calls about the same issue and statements were being prepared and sent out soon after all the PSL payments were processed. That was apperantly a brushoff because I never recieved anything from the Jets until the season ticket bill arrived in March of 2011. A third call resulted in an admission that my second call was noted on my account but no follow up occured. This time the woman listened and addressed all my concerns and told me she was going to compose an email suppliying me with all the information I asked for. No email ever arrived. Additionally, I have responded to several Jets surveys on topics such as game day expieriences, PSL account value, and the like always leaving my name and contact information and practically begging to hear from someone to address my request for information. No one ever calls or contacts me in any way. But they never seem to forget to send the bill for the tickets or PSL payment. In closing, I see this account as any other loan subjet to defined payments and interest accural. That said, I should be privy to how much the balance is, how much has been paid in interest, and how to figure out the interest calcuation. Jets fans put up with enough misery rooting for the team in general, why shun the fans further by alieniating them moreso with shady business practices?

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