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15th St Fishery Not So Happy Valentine's Day
My partner and I were there on Valentine's night as we do so often, but dockside. Given the occasion we decided to reserve to eat upstairs instead expecting the experience to be so much better than it always is. Which is great...!! Much to our disappointment it was not. We arrived for our 8:00PM reservation and were seated just before, so far so good. We ordered and it was after 8:50PM before we were served our first course, Lobster Bisque which I might add was already cold. Amazingly the tables behind and next to us who arrived later were already halfway through their's. Ironically all apparently hetero couples. We seemed to be the only male couple there at the time and so hope that was not the reason why the service toward us seemed so second rate and indifferent. We made no fuss about it and waited patiently as hungry and frustrated as we were. We finished our bisque which I might add was delicious had it been warm enough. All the while watching as the table behind us continued to be attended to constantly and efficiently. Ourselves, still waiting as staff walked past us at 9:45PM not even acknowledging us. At this point noticing others already enjoying their main course and we still sitting there with not as much as a hint as to whether our meal was even in the preparation stage. We had the Fried Spiny Lobster Tail Buttermilk Breaded Lobster Tail with Purple Potato Hash, Cilantro, Chorizo, Tomatoes and a Sweet Corn & Chipotle Cream Sauce and the Grilled NY Steak Grilled Steak with Truffle Mashed Potatoes, Sautéed Broccoli and Wild Mushroom Demi-Glace. Both very good but much was lost given our less than pleasant mood at this point. This is not to say that we will not visit again but definitely the dock where the service is so much more competent. Not to mention more moderately priced. Unfortunate experience had it not been for the occasion and each others company. I did take the time to express our experience on their opinion card but as expected have yet to hear anything in response.

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  • Poor Service

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