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I went through Apex to set up my new account in May 2011 as they were close to my office and Telus was the only provider that had the smartphone I was looking for(Motorola Milestone). In the first few months of use, the phone was problematic and after a while I determined that my only course of action was to take it into Apex for resolution. I was reluctant in doing so as I was advised that they had to send it off and that I would be without my phone for 1 - 3 weeks. They gave me a loaner which was extremely sub-par with my device, so much so that I ended up using my own old Samsung Jack to suffice while my Milestone was being repaired. Almost immediately after getting the phone back, the same problems that had been happening with my device were happening again. The device powers off (reboots) at least once a day. This issue is one that I was aware of - it happens with 'some' of the Milestones and they need to replace them - basically they can't be fixed. Anyway, I went in yesterday and was told what I expected - they would have to send it off again and my loaner would be some sucky device that is completely useless to me. I can't keep doing without my device while they keep sending it back to Motorola to be "fixed". They should either replace the device with a new one, offer a comparable upgrade or at the VERY LEAST a loaner phone that is somewhat comparable - at least an Android supported Smartphone. I am tired of wasting time to walk over, wait while someone decides to come out from the back room to tell me the same old story......."they can't do anything -they don't have technicians..."

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  • Poor Service

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  • Replacement
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