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I spilled a cup of coffee over my cordless Panasonic phone. Trying to dry it I put it into the warming drawer of my oven. (Yes, everybody laughed about it, but it seemed sensible to me at that time.) It still worked afterwards but the little window for reading numbers was dammaged. I wrote a letter and sent the phone back to the customer service of Panasonic in Mississouga/Ont. on July 3rd 2011. No answer. On Nov.12, 2011 I wrote another letter requesting a reply. So far to this date, I have not received anything. Am I chopped liver? As no mail was returned, I trust that it was received. Both my letters were polite and to the fact. Even if they thought I am a bit crazy they should have honoured me with a reply. No more Panasonic appliances in my house in the future!

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  • Poor Service

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  • Repair
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Karin Hertel