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Nifty's Antiques NIFTY"S ANTIQUES : BIg SCAMMERS in a Small town !!!
Nifty's Antiques in Morrisburg, Ontario sold my antiques on consignment. I did very well with sales for many months as the quality was high and the prices were a good deal. It was a win/win deal for me as well as the shop as I sold my antiques and the shop earned a good percentage of each sale. I was asked by the shop owner John Miller to do free appraisals for a three day weekend antique show in 2011 at the height of the summer. I declined. Not for me. So instead John Miller & his assistant Deborah McGillvray asked me repeatedly to work in their store the day of the show. The reason being is that the store is always very busy on the days of the show. I finally agreed to work one day of their choice. It was a long and very busy day and I sold lots of items as well. According to them it is the busiest day of the year financially. I drove home very tired but proud of my sales. The next day I called them to find out how the pay arrangements were to be handled. I was told to come down to their shop to discuss this very matter. Little did I know ... I arrived to see that all of my items had been removed from diplay, the information labels which I had taken hours to fill out, had been ripped off and all the items were removed to the back of the shop. Both the owners were red with rage! I could not understand what was going on and so asked: What is this all about??? I was told that my work for them was " volunteer work " and that I would not be paid and seeing as I had the nerve to ask, they now wanted me and all my items removed from the shop. This was accompanied with a tirade of insults & lies. I packed for over an hour and finally removed all my stuff from their shop. They held back two expensive items of which they say they know nothing. Think theft! I feel lucky to be alive as they made physical threats and I just wanted to be out of there so bad by his point in time. Background research has revealed that both of these persons have shady reputations & bad business dealings.in their pasts. I have repeated this story to all of my relatives & friends in the village of Morisburg so that they not get taken by these crooks. I have also told all of my other antique business contacts what happened and to be very careful if dealing with those two. If you walked into this shop you might think that these two dealers were nice people. But in fact that is the furthest thing from the truth ever ! BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flyboy

Type of Gripe:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Unethical Behaviour

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  • Apology
  • Compensation
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