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Canada Post Corporation Newman from Seinefeld now works for Canada Post!
Ever wonder what happened to those characters from Seinfeld after the show went off the air? Well, "Newman" the incompetent postal worker apparently now works for Canada Post. Never mind that a parcel I sent in July NEVER arrived. It must be in Newman's closet. But that's nothing compared to this: The last two times I received a parcel (December 2011 and January 2012), the parcels were not delivered to my regular post office (400 metres from my house) but to a post office across town. I don't have a vehicle, so this was an issue for me. My first call to "Customer Service"--I can't believe they even dare to use those two words, because they most certainly do not treat us like customers, and they provide no service--went something like a conversation might go with an adult trying to explain something to a three-year old. The guy’s was so uninterested, and was trying to get me off the phone before I even started to explain my problem. He kept cutting me off saying they had no control over what the depots do, but this was BEFORE I could even get out of my mouth what I was calling about! After an extremely frustrating time trying to get him to LISTEN to what I was calling about, He finally regurgitated back my problem: that I wanted to know why my parcel was delivered to a post office across town instead of "my" regular post office 400 metres from my home. (By the way, I normally get mail delivered to my home, but if it's a parcel and I'm not home, they leave this card telling you to pick it up at the post office next day.) So the first time it happened, I made the above fore-mentioned call, which the “customer service” rep attempted to conclude by saying he’d made a record of my concerns and someone would call me back. Uhm… well… thing is, he never even asked me for my phone number. When I mentioned that pretty important fact—actually, I asked him “where” they were going to call, because he hadn’t asked me for my phone number. And apparently he thought that rude of me to point out, since he seemed to punish me for such rudeness by turning up the vileness in his voice a few notches when I force him to ask for my home phone number. I tell him I want to be called at my WORK number because I'm not home during the day. He takes it, but says he needs my home phone number too. Fine. Qu’elle surprise, no call from Canada Post at work. But when I get home, there's a phone message from Canada Post saying, “Unfortunately, we have no control over what post offices get closed. If there’s a lack of use, post offices will close. Should you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call back.” Had the woman LEFT a phone number (of course she didn’t!! That would be “customer service”!!) I would have called her back to ask, “WHAT THE… are you talking about? My post office has NOT been closed due to lack of use; it’s in the heart of downtown Halifax, and very busy every minute of the day.” I was sooo exasperated, but knew I’d get no where, so I let it go. Except… Until the next parcel notification I get, and the pickup location is once again ACROSS TOWN. Did I mention I live downtown Halifax? So I call AGAIN, trying to get an answer as to why for years my parcels get delivered to the post office around the corner from my house when I’m not home, and suddenly they’re getting dropped off across town instead. I go through the same spiel over again. Do you know what he says? “We have no control over what post office carriers decide to deliver parcels to; it’s at their discretion.” What????????????? I can’t believe my ears, so I ask him to repeat that. He says, “Canada Post has no control over where the carriers decide to deliver the mail.” I am so seriously shocked at this point, that I say to him, “Are you seriously telling me that Canada Post is saying that when someone sends a parcel, that they have no control or say over WHERE that carrier decides to drop the parcel?” “Correct,” the ‘customer service rep’ confirms. ???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? Okay, so you have to understand that at this point, I’m starting to look around if I see cameras, or a flashing sign that says, “Candid Camera” or, for the guy on the line to yell, “You’ve been punked!” because this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life. It would be like a hospital telling a patient who woke up with a lung missing instead of tonsils, and saying, “We have no control over what organs the physician decides to remove; it’s at their discretion no matter what’s written down.” I ask the ‘customer service’ rep if he has any idea how utterly ridiculous his answer is. Is he seriously telling me that no matter where a parcel’s intended destination, that a carrier can decide to drop it off in Halifax, Elmsdale, Mount Uniacke, or Sydney…??? He says, “If a carrier has only a couple of parcels that are supposed to go to a particular post office, but has a lot of them going to another post office, he can choose to drop them all off at that other post office if it’s easier for him.” IF IT’S EASIER FOR HIM??????????? Whoa… with that kind of attitude, don’t be surprised if half your mail ends up in the storm drain ten feet from the depot where the carrier picks up the mail. “Well, you see, it was easier to stuff it down the drain than to deliver it…” Canada Post, you win the MOST DISGUSTING ATTITUDE TOWARDS SERVICE AWARD!!!!!!!!!! If your postal carriers are too lazy or feel too inconvenienced to deliver parcels where’s they’re supposed to be delivered, give the job to someone else who understands what the purpose of the job is—to deliver mail at its INTENDED destination, not to the one most convenient to them.

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