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venmar ventilation inc. multiple motor malfunctions
I replaced the motor in my Venmar ventilation unit on April 30 2009 as the original motor had burned out. The replacement motor burned out sometime in the winter of 2011. I work out of province and was not home to notice the unit was not working, however My wife complained about the moisture on the windows, so I knew there was a problem. I called the supplier I had purchased th mtor from and I was told it only had a 1 year warranty. I replaced the motor a second time April 11, 2011. Sometime in September, 2011 my son informed me that the air exchanger was loud. When I next came home from working out of province, I checked the unit and the motor was loud even on low cycle and the motor was very hot to the touch. When I managed to get a copy of my purchase reciept for the second motor I called the supplier to find out the motor only had a 6 month warranty. The supplier also informed me that he had recieved many calls and complaints about this particular model of motr burning out after only 8-10 months of service. i contacted Venmar and voiced my concerns over the phone. I was told to send a letter with the details and product information. I complied. Several days later I was called by Venmar who stated that the serial number I gave was not valid and that the complaint could not be processed until I had a valid serial number. I called back home to get the serial number again, and found that I had originally copied it down incorrectly. I called Venmar back and gave the correct serial number. 2 days later I was called by Venmar and informed that there was nothing they could do for me. I have replaced the motor in my ventilation unit 2 times in less than 3 years at a total cots of over $592.00. I feel it is unacceptable that I have to replace the motor in my ventilation unit at such high costs, when it appears there is a manufacturer's defect, based on my own experience and the fact that the supplier informed me of the cpmplaints he was recieving.

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