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Was To Catch A Bus Home From Langley B.c To Dawson Creek B.c I.arrived A Hour Early So Not To Miss The Bus.when It Did Arrive Late It Was Full To The Max.the Driver Told Another Female Passenger And Myself We Could Stand In The Aisle Until The Next Stop Which Was About A Hour Away.we Said No As It Was A Safety Issue For Us.he Then Left,leaving Us Alone At Night In A Seedy Drug Area.we Asked The Worker Inside For Help,he Said There Was Nothing He Could Do,then Locked The Door As The Depot Was Closed For The Night.we Banged On The Door And Told Him To Call His Supervisor,he Said No,and Told Us To Call A Friend Or Go To A Hotel Until Morning For The Next Bus.we Were In Shock.we Sat There For 2 Hrs When Another Bus Arrived.the Driver Took Us To His Next Stop.it Delayed Our Schedule But We Were Happy To Be Safe.on That Same Trip Home,the Bus That I Was On, Some Passengers Informed The Driver Of An Intoxicated Man Making Threats That He Had A Gun And Felt Like Shooting Some-one.the Man Was Very Loud And I Know The Driver Heard Him.all The Driver Did Was Remove The Man's Travel Bag With The Booze,and Put It Under The Bus.he Then Told The Man To Be Quiet And To Go To Sleep,or He Would Be Removed From The The Bus At The Next Stop.again I Was Shocked,as This Happened Shortly After That Young Man Was Killed On Another Greyhound Earlier.the Rest Of My Trip Was Sitting There Terrified,not Knowing What Was Going To Happen.i Contacted Greyhound When I Got Home Several Times,to No Avail.it Is Over A Year And Still No Response From Them.i Will Never Travel Greyhound Again,as All We Are To Them Are Numbers And Dollar Signs... __ Location Griped About: Greyhound Canada 877 Greyhound Way SW Calgary, AB Canada

Type of Gripe:

  • Disruption
  • Poor Service
  • Unethical Behaviour

Type of solution PHANTOM59 is looking for:

  • Apology
  • Improvement
  • Policy Change
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