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Manteaux Manteaux Manteaux Manteaux Uses Scapegoating to Avoid Providing Customer Service
I purchased a pair of snow pants from Coats Co (Mic Mac Mall, Dartmouth, NS) as a Christmas gift for my daughter. After wearing the pants to the ski hill for the first time on January 26th, we discovered the dye from the black pants transferred to a brand new (worn for the first time that day) pair of white Burton snowboard boots. After contacting the store in Dartmouth (Jan 27th), I was referred to the head office in Montreal (parent company, Manteaux Manteaux) and spoke with a representative who flat out refused to believe the pants were defective in any way and suggested the boots were the defective product. I sent photos of the boots to the representative to demonstrate the damage only to receive a return e-mail stating the dye transfer was from the bindings on the snowboard. The issue here is that the bindings are also white and have no dye to transfer. The only piece of black gear my daughter wears is the pants. Twice they have tried to 'blame' the damage on other pieces of equipment (both of which happen to be white in colour). Manteaux Manteaux is refusing to take any responsibility for their defective product and will not replace the pants or, as I have requested, repair or replace the damaged boots. They continue to seek a scapegoat to avoid compensation, meanwhile, a 14yr old girl continues to look at her favourite Christmas gift with disgust. Attached are photos of the boots and a transcript of correspondence between myself and the company representative, Ms. Colletti. My last correspondence with the representative is currently unacknowledged and unanswered after almost a month. My Gripe is with Manteaux Manteaux (corporate office) 260 Dunbar Avenue | Ville Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada | H3P 2H5 | Vanessa

Type of Gripe:

  • Loss/Damage
  • Poor Service
  • Unethical Behaviour

Type of solution Vanessa Lentz is looking for:

  • Apology
  • Compensation
  • Refund
  • Repair
  • Replacement
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Vanessa Lentz